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For some time now I have been checking Amazon to see if the 3rd edition of The Art of Electronics has been published yet. And today I found that a new edition should hit the stores in April...WOW!! This is an amazing book and it should be on the shelf in any electronics lab. It has the right amount of theory and has a lot of design ideas which are well explained. Get it if you are not already an owner!

After I saw the good news I grabbed my 2nd edition and started flipping through it as I have done so many times. This time I stumbled upon another reference voltage source. See the picture below.

Since I have about 20 LM299 references around I thought why not use on of these again. The circuit from the book can easily be changed so that I can use the LM299. The zener current for the LM299 should be set around 1mA so the 510R resistors was changed to a 3k010 precision RNC90 resistor. The output sense network also needed adjusting which can be seen in the schematic. I had some Fluke 20k0 resistors and the trimmer is a bulk metal trimmer and the resistors are all RNC90. I used the same Op-Amp as described because of the "self-starting" issue.

A more detailed description of the circuit can be found in the IC OP-AMP COOKBOOK by Walter G. Jung here

LT1006 OpAmp
LM299 Reference