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While searching for design ideas for the Police Flasher I found a site with electronic synthesizer stuff called Music From Outer Space. I was immediately hooked and decided to build something from this page. I decided to start out light with the WP-20 Mini-Synth Sound Effects Synthesizer Project that seemed pretty simple...but I spend a lot of time on this baby.

It will be interesting to see how much of this stuff I will build from now on.

WP-20 Mini-Synth


I recently got my hands on an old Technics SX-U40 Electronic Organ. At a local swap meet I found it standing in a corner...and for some strange reason nobody would buy it. ;) So I decided that I would try to use some parts and build some small two octave keyboards for some future synth projects.

On eBay I found the complete service manual. So now its only a matter of time before I get started.